Pills e.11

March 12th, 2015

We announce some of the changes we have coming up with the podcast.  We talk about pills for men and the pill for women in the lifestyle.

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Fantasy Talk e.12

March 23rd, 2015

We answer listener emails and tweets.  This leads us to some of our personal fantasies that may make you blush.  We also talk about the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon which inspires us to consider creating the next phenomenon.  

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Neighbors with Benefits Review e.13

April 1st, 2015

There's a new show on A&E called Neighbors with Benefits.  It's a reality show about the swinger lifestyle.  After watching the opening episode, we talk about our take on it and how much of it is real and true, and how much isn't.  For those that listened to podcast #12 - Pills, we left you hanging on the results from T taking the pill.  We fill in the gaps.

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The Single Guy is Back e.14

April 6th, 2015

We are joined by "the single guy" once again  He shares his stories of his lifestyle birthday party and his unbelievable poolside party before the Skin party.  His stories entertain as expected.

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Neighbors with Benefits cast e.15

April 13th, 2015

Stars from the show Neighbors with Benefits join us on this podcast.  We pick their brains about the show, it being canceled, their relationship, and what's in their future.  We share some laughs (and flirting) with this fun REAL couple.

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The Dallas Unicorn joins us e.16

April 19th, 2015

"Sam", a unicorn from the Dallas area, joins us on the podcast.  A unicorn is a single female in the swinging lifestyle.  She's been a unicorn in the lifestyle less than a year,  yet she has more than enough experience and insight to keep us all entertained.  She talks about her busy lifestyle calendar, her unique perspective on dating, and some of the concerns of being a unicorn in the lifestyle.  We also discuss the unspoken taboo in the lifestyle.

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A Role Reversal and New Experience e.17

April 26th, 2015

Off to the Dallas area for another fun adventure.  We try a new club, Naughty Neighbors, in the Ft. Worth area.  It's a beautiful setup, clean, and good use of the space.  Without knowing anyone going, we have a a slow start, but find ourselves getting into some new scenarios.  It's T's birthday which leads to a fun bonus, but he finds himself in a position that A typically is faced with.  You'll have to listen to understand.  We answer a listener email that has us take a deeper look at our first threesome experience and more specifics on squirting techniques. 

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Luis Congdon, relationship coach, joins us e.18

May 3rd, 2015

Relationship coach, Luis Congdon, brings his therapist's perspective on relationships and what makes them work. Luis brings an open-minded perspective on relationships of all kinds ... including those in the lifestyle. He was done in depth research on how struggling relationships affect families and taken steps to help these relationships repair the communication breakdown. We talk to Luis about his experiences counseling couples, dabbling in polyamory, thoughts and questions about the lifestyle, and much more. He provides insightful thoughts and leaves our listeners with a couple of helpful tools to help improve any relationship.  

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Cuckold / Hotwife Fantasy e.19

May 10th, 2015

We are joined by our friend, whom we introduced him and his wife to the lifestyle, to discuss his fantasy of watching his wife with another man.  They are relatively new to the lifestyle and have had limited experiences, but he's joined us to share the the goods on what they have experienced and what he hopes plays out.    We share how we have personally helped get the ball rolling for them 

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Holli and Michael from Playboy’s Swing join us e.20

May 17th, 2015

Holli and Michael from Playboy TV's 'Swing', join us for a fun conversation about the lifestyle, vacations, and their unique journey in the public eye.  Holli and Michael do this for a living and provide a wealth of information.  They have their own daily radio show on Playboy radio and travel the world helping open people's minds to a happy way of life.  We have a blast chatting with them and we know you will enjoy it.  All of the info they talk about can be found on the show notes page on the website 

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